Hein Smedts

An Urban Montage: crossing familiar strangers

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.....”It is obvious that an object that has not been noticed consciously at the first visit, by its absence at the following visits it leaves an indefinable impression behind.” (Ivan Chtcheglov, A model for new city construction, 1953) 

In Maastricht the spatial question around the A2-track is an important issue. The area of the Oranjeplein and the Koningsplein and the A2 forms the challenge for the individual to interpret Maastricht and challenge the city to deal with the urban structure. Entering the vague space is a spatial intervention: a revolution of everyday life. Without any program or direct use, this project tries to reinvent the perception of urban landscape. Implementing a new layer in the city centre, the idea of new urban voids emerges in the margins of its infrastructural conditions. The intention to think of these often uninteresting locations as sources for new kind of spaces, shows a true commitment of the designer with the problems concerning an over-controlled public space as well as the lack of wide-open landscapes. Reaching further than only images, the research was fed with elements borrowed from literature and poetry, adapting sounds to spatial experience. This experimental intention, combined with a realistic challenge concerning public space, was considered by the jury of the EAP as a relevant and inspiring eye-opener.
(juryrapport EAP 2008)

opgenomen in vaste tentoonstelling 'Stad van Nederland', NAI Rotterdam (2011)
reizende tentoonstelling Archiprix (2009-2010)
tentoonstelling Hedah, Maastricht (2008)
artikel: Nieuw begin in architectuur  (De Architect extra, 2008)

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