Hein Smedts

A Special Demolition Moment

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“By ‘violence’, I do not mean the brutality that destroys physical or emotional integrity but a metaphor for the intensity of a relationship between individuals and their surrounding spaces.”
(Bernard Tschumi, Violence of Architecture, page 122)

This project builds the moment of the changing physical space. Walking through the motionless flying debris, the individual moves in a movie-still and experiences a real life landscape. The reality of urban spaces as we know it is changing more and more in a virtual reality. Technology is changing the way we look at our surrounding environment and it’s taking over the physical form of the individual. Urban spaces move away from a social environment and transform in a virtual controlled society. The empty shell (space) is left behind and wonders when it will be used again. It attracts the individual who “reads” the situation and at the same time it rejects the mass that moves by without looking or recognizing the space it’s in.

Breaking down the cube that’s at the end of the room causes its elements to take over the space and redefine the experience of real life. Architecture should act as a self-renewing medium and should provoke the individual into physical and social interaction.

ism Huub Donkers

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